Chelsea Wills



Full Moon

Bainbridge Island, Wa

Tea and Bookshop,Podcast
Distance Residency, Study Group

This project is an ongoing experiment in seeing what happens creative practices and daily tasks meet. This happens through making place informed medicine to sell and share, forming relationships through conversation, engaging in tangible ways to create support in the form of a residency, and an ongoing study group that holds space for the overlaps of care work and creative work.

Supported by:
La Fabrica, Santa Cruz, Ca.
Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network, Bainbridge Island, WA
Little Giant Collective, Santa Cruz, Ca.
Bright Matters, Bremen, Germany

Full Moon was born out the question, what happens when our creative practices meld with our lives? What happens when making medicine? Making community? Making money by necessity become the same thingsWhat happens when we hold close the resources that are here?

What happens when we live as whole ecosystems? What happens to capitalism? What happens to us?

If our art practices weave in and out of our lives, how do they actually reflect and respond the changes conditions of life. This project is based in a series of overlapping moments of child rearing, caretaking, home tending, global pandemic, and understanding place.

I suppose this practice was and is an experiment in belonging.
It has taken a variety of physical forms.

There is a short series of audio recordings available as a podcast looking into a few aspects of this practice, domesticity with Athena Kokoronis, tenderness with Emily Tareila, medicine with Kim Zitzow.

It also exists as a virtual tea and book shop that is run in conjunction with Melody Overstreet. We work together to make limited edition tea blends based on new and old understandings of the places we are. We also

I have been working with artist Iso Marcus since the spring of 2021 on a distance residency that exists to support artists at moments where their practices are deepening, widening, or becoming in a new way.

In October 2021 as part of the work with Iso Marcus, we formed a research group of artists who exist in the world of caretaking and art making. This includes: Iso Marcus, Erica Thomas, Margaretha Haughwout, Melody Overstreet, Claudia Morales, Sierra Reading, and. E.Q Faria

Dried rosebuds being measured for tea blend, Geyserville, Ca 2017 photo credit Heather Lockwood Screen for printing, Kala Art Institure, Berkeley Ca. 2018