Chelsea Wills



Semillas Tzucacab

Tzucacab, MX
Photography, Community, Research, Community Meals, Workshops

Semillas Tzucacab was an interdisciplinary project based in Tzucacab, MX that explored the link between food security after disasters and food sovereignty. As lead artist I worked with a wide range of community members, academic colleagues in the United States and Mexico, and local cultural institutions to create, design, and implement a multiyear project based on the in-depth knowledge of people’s home gardens. I worked the most closely with 5 young community researchers helping facilitate their process of becoming advocates for their community and traditional knowledge ways. Our work together was guided by public health methodology Photo Voice, and the public facing presentation of the work culminated in a international speaking tour and traveling photo exhibition.

Supported by: 

Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, Merida, MX
Fulbright Garcia-Robles Grant, Mexico, MX
UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Ca
UC Berkeley, Berkeley, Ca.
Stanford University, Palo Alto, Ca.
Radio XEPET, Peto, MX
Chan-Kahal, San Rafael, Ca.
Associacion Mayab, San Francisco, Ca.
Municipalidad de Tzucacab, Tzucacab, MX
Community Agroecology Network, Santa Cruz, Ca.
Rosi Caamal teaching in a school garden, Tzucacab MX, 2013
Joel ‘s Parents after working in the milpa, photo credit Joel Antonio Euan Cob, 2011Community photographers: Gilberto Jiminez Chi, Leonor Dzul Uc, Celmy Acevedo Yah, Sandy Isabel Hau Kantun, Matteo Dzi, Joel Antonio Euan Cob, Tzucacab, MX 2011
Doña Irma selling vegetables, photo credit Leonor Dzul Uc, Tzucacab, MX 2012