Chelsea Wills



Still Here

San Jose Museum of Art
San Jose, Ca.
Sound and  Installation

This piecelooked at the agricultural history of the Santa Clara valley as it relates to now. It chronicles the diversity that farmers have and are producing in the valley in their own voices by producing an audio archive of their stories. Created in conjunction with a large scale map it opens questions about the changing landscape of the San Jose area as it continues to transform into a technological center of the world.

It was composed of two elements: a sound piece of farmers listing the varieties that have or do grow and a large-scale ephemeral map of working agricultural properties in the Santa Clara Valley was displayed on the floor of the gallery.

Supported by:
San Jose Museum of Art 
Japanese American Museum of San Jose
Santa Clara Farm Bureau,
UC Berkeley Agriculture Extension Office 
Santa Clara Agriculture Commissioner
List of varieties from Mariani Orchards and Doug’s Farm, San Jose, Ca.